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Review of Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 ( Display,Audio,Camera,Internet,Others...)

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Sony Ericsson still has not been satisfied to compete with its competitors in the segment of touch screen phones. This time it was still a hero of the Xperia family. After X10 and X10 Mini scrolling, the bluff through the Xperia X8 vendors. In some ways, a new series based on Android 1.6 is as well positioned in between the X10 and X10 Mini.

Design & Display
Display Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i with the model number is still smell 'Xperia'. Advance candybar form, the X8 has a body not much different from the X10 Mini. It's just that this phone has a larger dimension, but not exceed the dimensions of belonging bongsor Xperia X10.

In hand, this phone feels a bit thick though lighter weight impressed. This is because the material which casing is made of plastic material. Front body has a hard and solid texture. Unfortunately, the rear casing component is made of cheap plastic that impressed. Apart from that, X8 look quite elegant.Like most touch screen phones, minimalist look of the front body. There are only a big screen with three buttons with the typical physical Xperia prominent pattern in the bottom of the X8. That is the menu button, home and back.

Not much different from competitors' products based on Android, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 forward 3-inch diagonal screen and a resolution of 320x480 pixels (HVGA). Pixel is at least sufficient to guarantee an ideal image. Sharp and clear.

One note, though X8 already support 16 million colors, the output looks less than optimal. Reflecting on the case of Optimus few editions ago, the ability of the operating system Android 1.6, which reportedly supports only 64 thousand colors should be blamed as the culprit.

For interaction, no need to use the stylus for touch screen phone has to offer capacitive sensors. An advantage of some other Android-based phones are still performed with resistive sensors. The performance of the touch screen is pretty good and responsive.

Execution menu, scroll through the screen or typing a message feels solid. Although almost no lag but the screen is still less smooth transition and less rapid. For typing, X8 provides a virtual keypad in a format

Operating systems

Xperia X8 loaded with OS Android 1.6 aka Donut. Fast acceleration and stable equivalent LG Optimus is also based on the same OS. Matter of appearance, Sony Ericsson developed a unique user interface on the X8 to provide a different experience than the standard OS Donut. Almost the same user interface X10 Mini.

It is worth noting, there are only four homescreen in the X8. Compare with LG Optimus that can reach seven homescreen. While the main menu expanded to four pages that can be accessed by sliding the screen to the left or right.

Related to personalize, home screen on this phone can only dibenami one widget only. One again, a practical shortcut provided in the four corners of the screen the phone is quite attractive and saves space. You can change it according to taste by means of 'drag and drop'.

Accelerometer has been integrated in the X8. When tested the ability to auto rotate the phone is quite powerful and rapidly adapt to changing position of the phone. Unfortunately, only be applied to a certain angle only and apply to special features such as photos or messaging.

X8 processor speeds in the range of 600 MHz, still capable of supporting multitasking capabilities at a variety of applications operated. If the number of open applications still being reasonable, X8 still can 'drag' in running the program.

Sony Ericsson already supports 3G/HSDPA networks for Internet access. In addition, there is also Wifi which has the ability capture the signal properly. To start browsing the internet you can try a browser built-X8.

The internet browser is not equipped with pinch-to-zoom or double-tap zooming. Though similar phones are already using solutions such as double-tap or one-touch. Luckily there are options that can enlarge the highlight automatically display when the page in full screen condition.

To help access the internet you can press the menu button to bring up four options. One of them is quite important is the multi tab feature that helped open several pages at once. The rest is a feature to add bookmarks, web pages and columns charging an additional option.

Setting this camera almost like a mini X10. Simple with four presets for picture (Auto, Beach / snow, Twilight and Sports) and two quality modes for the camera (For Normal and MMS).

Compared X10 Mini (5 megapixel) camera X8 decreased to 3 megapixels (2048x1536 pixels). But please note, X8 wider screen and the resolution is increased twice. The picture quality is better so at least when viewed on screen.

When tested shooting in outdoor conditions, is quite bright and focused. However, the level of sharpness is less good. While the condition of indoor images tend to be less strict with noise spots adorned here and there.

About the video, this camera can record VGA video at 30 frames per second. Of course the quality is quite standard although the condition moves you'll get results that are less focused.

The music player on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 together with X10 Mini. Not too good because the limited functions offered. No equalizer presets or alternate skins in music player X8.

It draws from the music player is the presence of the Infinite that can help find the songs directly from YouTube or at PlayNow. You can also use TrackID to listen to song samples and find information.

You can listen to the songs played from the loudspeaker is located behind the body. His voice is quite loud and 'kick' to the size of Android phones. More satisfied longer when listening to songs via the headset is compatible with standard 3.5 mm.

Uniquely, 3.5 mm audio port on the phone has a unique shape that reportedly designed to accommodate a special headset Hi-Fi Sony Ericsson MH-810. The headset can operate with a special remote control.

FM radio into an equally lucrative option in the audio sector. Before setting it, you have to plug in a headset that functions as an antenna. Like the Sony Ericsson FM radio generally, this feature supports RDS.

Other features

Timescape into applications that also complement the user interface X8. Through this feature, without having to access another menu, the user can display update Twitter, Facebook, miscall or email from one location.

To access social networking sites, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 also has a Facebook application pack. Available then GPS features are supported Google Maps application. Also available is a standard feature starting from GoogleTalk Android, Android Market, Gmail and YouTube.


Application of other options such as Data Monitor, CreateTouch, Navigation, WisePilot, RoadSync already equip the phone. Including the standard application also commonly found in mobile phones such as calendars and calculators.

For the purposes of storage of additional applications, X8 is supported with internal memory of 170 MB. If it is still not enough Sony Ericsson have prepared a micro SD memory card slot type hot swap. However, you must open the case back to insert the card.


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